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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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former president bill clinton arrived as the special envoy bringing supplies in meeting with haiti's president and health care workers. >> [inaudible] >> some of the injured to get out. many others gather at the dominican border. those who remain behind face an uncertain future in tent cities where they wait, morning, and give birth as others around them continue to die. >> we talked all week about problems at the airport in hopes of speeding up the delivery of food and medicine. the u.n. has changed the way that the airports are being run. food and aid crews get priority. >> a brazilian peacekeepers
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captured this on his cell phone. some people ran for safety covered in dust and others stood in disbelief looking at the buildings that collapsed a matter of seconds before their eyes. >> time is running out in the race to find people trapped in the rubble but there have been some remarkable rescues. we have some amazing video to share. >> the magnitude of the misery in haiti is overwhelming that to find someone alive this many days out continues to amaze and inspire. the grateful wave from a dehydrated 6-year-old boy and a simple thank you for may 30- year-old man, a pair of race and rescues the border on the miraculous. since tuesday's quake, search and rescue teams from virginia and around the world have pulled 75 people from the rubble in haiti. sunday, a team from florida lookemore to to pull a 6-year-od boy.
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he was frail but ok. a 14-year-old girl emerged from a fiv days of hopelessness. the team from fairfax county has made 50 rescues, the recent on 9:00 p.m. sunday. another of south florida team made two dramatic fines. they were carefully pulled to safety. the man says he survived on peanut butter and jelly. >> once we get them water and made contact with them, they drank the water bottles quickly. they were remarkably in good condition. >> we will go back in and do more searches. we will do this until we no longer find survivors. >> hopefully we will find more people. hopefully. >> a spokesperson from fairfax county tells us all members on the ground remain safe and motivated and have no alternative at this point in
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time. >> amazing work they're doing there. amidst the devastation there are more stories of survival. the salvation army says the woman gave birth to a girl after showing up at its click this weekend. this is the first berth at their facilities since the earthquake. the mother and child were told -- the mother and father are doing fine. >> the mayors of wrightwood in north brentwood called fear their residence to donate cash. the donations will be taken to the haitian embassy in washington on friday. the embassy has asked the general public to stop dropping of supplff supplies. wokrers there were -- workers there were a rahm. >> they do not want any more
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bags or boxes. that has taken to a warehouse. martin luther king day volunteers poured in to help. >> along went around the warehouse behind the scenes general hospital. so many volunteers showed up, so eager to help out. >> you do not have to give something. i am not selfish or anything. i just want to give. i see people in worse shape than i am. >> they are asking for gauze and bandages. >> and there were orders to give out and waivers to fill up. several agencies and volunteer groups will be a close, trying to organize this massive effort. trucks carted 2000 bags and hundreds of boxes to the haitian -- from the and that -- embassy to the warehouse. everything from clothing to food to toiletries tissues, all
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needing to be organized. it is about noon here and the noise is deafening. hundreds of people are bagging and sorting and folding tons of detonations. some form human conveyor belts, passing boxes from one to next. this one ending in a mountain of diapers. >> this is overwhelming. the outpouring is overwhelming but it is fun. >> meterththe next challenge, ho get this stuff down to port-au- prince. >> the ups and fedex, we need your help. this is what we need right now. >> the first shipment is it out later this week. is a little bit of confusion. the embassy told me that it is working with the state department and the military as to how exactly to distribute as materials once they get down to haiti. they're working out those details.
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we're told that to volunteers are still needed long and short term here and at the haitian embassy. they need translators and people to work the phone banks. that is tomorrow. they are asking people to sign up ahead of time. go to our website at for more information. >> many charities as saying the things they need most is money so they can continue to help the victims. you can go to and find more information on donating to save the children. is a group that has been helping for years now. 100% of the money collected will go to earthquake relief. >> we have a breaking situation in frederick county. rescue workers are trying to free a horse that is stuck in a sink hole. it is happening in w
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oodborough. the animal does not appear to be injured. we will bring you information as soon as it comes to our newsroom. >> president obama answered the call to serve on this first martin luther king day as the chief executive. the president and the first lady and their daughters served food to the homeless in northwest washington. afterwards, he met with young children and leaders of the civil rights movement at the white house. >> part of what the movement was about was changing people's hearts and minds anbreaking out of old customs and old habits. >> many people view his election as a sign of progress. the knolhundreds of fairfax couy residents answer the call to serve by participating in service projects at george mason university. they created bracelets for hospital patients, valentines for foster care, and snack bag
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for homeless youth. they did some great work out there. >> we are through the district. what the holiday means for those who took part. >> we are outside the martin luther king memorial library which was the center of a lot of activity today. he was honored in ceremonies across the city. since the city no longer has a parade to commemorate martin luther king day, a stalwart group held their peace walk. there for neighborhoods of southeast d.c. >> he wanted people to come into this world and wanted racism to stop. he wanted kids to t be judged
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by their skin. >> at the job corps center they bused in needy people and serve lunch. >> if only we could do this everyday. >> it is really good food. >> they were serving the hungry as they have every martin luther king day since 1988. >> we're glad to see more people have adopted this. it is a day of national service. >> a special naturalization to a place for u.s. citizens from 36 countries. first heard from the son of immigrant parents. >> they stood at attention and swore an oath of allegiance to a country which general powell said is like no other honors.
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>the big number to it was 81. 81 new cizens were sworn in here to mark the 81st birthday of martin luther king, jr. had he lived. >> another big number, 51. that is the temperature here. this holiday ended up being one of the warmest ansonia's days we have seen in weeks. our chief meteorologist has a look at the forecast. >> the big holiday weekend worked out. today we made up for it in a big way as we headed to the 50's. the sun is not quite down. the days are getting slowly longer. let's check out temperatures. live report from summer weather stations on the network. it is cool but these numbers are above average.
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47 damascus, 51 in woodbridge and let's go to our forecast. meanly clear and cool and we will drop into the 40's. turning a bit colder, 30 to 35 degrees. there is a storm later in the week. i will tell you what to expect in a few minutes. >> next, a field trip to a farm could turn dangerous. hundreds may have been exposed to rabies. >> how food and supplies are being delivered. >> new ways to help overweight kids slimmed down. >> new ways to help overweight kids slimmed down.
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we will keep you posted on the developments. >> that has to be a tough one. >> that has to be a challenge. >> new questions after a man dies during a struggle with police. >> officers used a stun gun after he would not cooperate at pentagon city. >> the arlington police department is investigating its first ever tasered-paintball death. the suspect was accused of shoplifting. he had tangled with police before. he appeared on south carolina's 6 registry. he is dead after in arlington police officer used a taser on him at the pentagon city metro station. >> the subject became combative and fought with the officer. >> sources say he had stolen several houritems as a closed
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sunday night. -- as it closed sunday night. >> he was -- it is up to the officer. >> police say that he ignored the officer's orders to stop. a second officer came in. he was handcuffed and started having breatng problems. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. arlington police use the brand x26. >> police officers are aggressive with their clubs and tasered. >> i could see where they can be deadly. >> we tried to contract in his father but he was dealing with the other issues. we're awaiting word from the medical examiner as to the exact cause of death.
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both police officers aren't paid leave. -- are on paid leave. >> there has been a blitz of citations. this tickets cost drivers $40 each. a state highway administration spokesman said the aim is to get them to slow down in the work zone. all water main break has left northwest washington residents without water. an 8-inch main broke on oliver street near nebraska ave. nebraska avenue between utah avenue and oliver street is closed while crews worked to repair the damage. >> back-to-back winter storms are making their way across northern california. several inches of snow have fallen in the sierras.
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the sacramento area is dealing with several inches of waynrain. >> it was wet. >> the energy from the storm will trel across and affect us by late friday. we're talking about a wintry mix issue by friday morning. that is several days down the road. >> tomorrow is similar but things will change later in the week. it is a little bit colder air. let's get into it. a beautif sunset out there right now. the day is slowly longer. in has been down for about four minutes. it was a beautiful evening. light winds and a few clouds. temperatures will start to fall. we should be 42 for the high. these are great days to have like this. we're at 50 degrees.
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a high of 53 and temperatures will drop off. 49 degrees in martinsburg. they are at 50 degrees. it is a delightful area across the viewing area. we can plot the temperatures. they are warmer down south. 54 degrees in fairfax and marshall, 56. a bit cooler to the north and west. even in our normally colder parts, that is above normal temperatures for those folks. 33 in elkins. we are doing fine temperature wise. a friend is coming our way late friday. we have a few scattered clouds but things are happening out west. there are two main features. one is a storm system moving up the sale lawrence river valley,
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giving us some light snow in the mountains of new england. also a cold front tomorrow evening. we will see some clouds and temperatures turning colder and wednesday and a quiet day on thursday. we get into the ed of the week and it starts to change. here is the tuesday night forecast. after the cold front offshore will have the no. westerly winds in the 20's tomorrow night and lower 40's for the day on wednesday. on thursday to our attention shifts to the west. we have the evolution of our system. we will be on the dividing line on colder air to the north. just enough cold air could get into the picture that parts of our viewing area could deal with freezing rain or a wintry mix by friday morng. it will be colder and mid to upper0's on friday. no bitterly cold supply of there
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so we're not looking at a snowstorm. monday afternoon, we have a ways to go and we will track it. here is your expressly denied. 43 in the city and 31 to 37 in the morning. the sun up is at 72:24 a.m. mid-40 posture wednesday and thursday. friday morning we will see what happens with mixed precipitation. >> next, we fly along as the military of delivers food and supplies to haiti. >> the first lady delivers a challenge to local students. it was enough to convince many of them to give up their winter break. >> a question, how old should
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>> live over break news out of frederick county. rescue workers are trying to free a horse.
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there has been trapped for -- it has been trapped for four hours. we will keep you posted on the progress. >> there is a new tool in the fight against childhood obesity. >> kids can lose weight for good if theyollow the right steps. >> kids and obesity is a growing problem. today they have gotten with experts. it might start with a regular physical. >> she grew up overweight and unhappy. now she is in better shape. >> i do not want my kids to go through that. >> doctors are taking a stand.
5:26 pm
kids six years old and over should be screened and get to help to deal with their weight. >> if they eat twinkies and cupcakes and not be what righis right. >> of the parents have responsibility. >> the u.s. preventive services task force made the recommendation. 32% of children are beazer overweight. they are at greater risk of diabetes. kids who worked out even moderately with their parents who lost weight. she wishes she had that know how early. > i think i would have [unintelligible] >> most weight management programs are not covered by health insurance.
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hopefully this recommendation might change that sen. next, a health alert for local kids. more than 150 kids may have been exposed to rabies on a field trip. >> more on the situation in haiti. >> more on the situation in haiti. announcer: the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, so why does the journey from where you are to where you want to be have to go through a classroom? it doesn't. from correspondence courses to online platforms, like the graduate school's gs connect, distance education has always helped people on the go, go further. the courses you need, available on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. great moments begin at the graduate school. learn more. visit...
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>> here now is the latest on the
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situation in the aftermath of that deadly earthquake. 200,000 may have died on the island. 7000 bodies have be recovered. crews are searching for people trapped in the rubble. you and officials say that more than 70,000 people have received enough food to last for a week. >> the top priorities are to deliver food, water, and medicine to haiti. >> this is where that trip to port-au-prince started. we're on board a plane carrying supplies and equipment. about 20 memembers of the unit bringing supplies. the heavy-duty forklift. there are not enough on the
5:31 pm
ground and is desperately needed. everything else on board is thrown immediately into the relief effort. >> these are the fuel and power it is. these will support the aircraft coming in bringing supplies. back that way we have mre's. >> we will download as soon as possible and get them out as quick as we can. >> these airmen are unloading supplies and adding to the growing tent city off the tarmac. it cannot use the terminal or the tower. both are standing but too dangerous to go inside. >> we're going to set up all communications, food, water, shelter and once that is set up we will turn it over to someone else and turn it over to the haitian government. >> he explained their mission this way. >> we're trying to make things
5:32 pm
happen for the folks who have been devastated. it is an incredible challenge. it is what we live for. >> it is crucial. from the air, we can see ships waiting to access the port but it is too badly damaged. until the navy can get it working, this airport is the primary if not the only way to get supplies in the capitol. >> area has been devastated. there are a lot of casualties and a lot of injuries. we are able to put the -- being able to put the men and equipment in makes me feel good about what i do. >> and mission of mercy they hope makes the dference between life and death. >> if you would like to help, we have made it easy by teaming up with save the children. you can go to and you'll find more information. 100% of the money you'd done it
5:33 pm
will be used to help children and their families. >> to a developing story. hundreds of children and adults may have been exposed to rabies after visiting an educational forum. >> the farm -- school groups from charles, fairfax, and the district visited. 70 people have had to start ribby shots. the question is, are there more that need treatment? staff working at the hard bargain farm educational former red noticed symptoms developing in the calf next week. -- last week. the calf got worse and had to be euthanized. the county health officer was quick to put out an alert. >> this is transmitted through saliva. there were children feeding the
5:34 pm
calf and they had their fingers in account -- calf's mouth. >> the farm is closed today. a woman who answered the phone declined comment. since the calf when on displays december 21, 150 people have visited the former including several elementary school field trips. only those who had contact need to seek treatment. >> we have nine students that had to go last night to get post-exposure prophylactics to rabies. >> that is in addition who havtd from workers who have begun the process. >> it is a life or death situation. >> the health officer believes he has a good list of those who were at the farm. if you believe you could be at risk, if you visited the hard bargain foremen had contact with a calf, you're asked to call this phone number.
5:35 pm
they believe the path probably contracted bies from our raccoon -- the calf probably contracted rabies from overcurrent that has not been seen in the area for weeks. >> the stress of a home invasion might have led to the death of the elderly virginia man. three masked intruder is broke into his warsaw home early on friday morning. he and his caregiver were held at gunpoint while suspects still cash, a laptop, and several other items. authorities say he collapsed a few hours later and died. the suspects have not been arrested. a pit bull that was left to die in a dumpster after a dog fight will have a new home. the washington humane society said that trooper continues to recover from injuries and will
5:36 pm
be available for adoption. she was found outside an apartment building last august with duct tape and bleeding. the person who put her in the dumpster has not been found. >> it is martin luther king jr. day. an event was held today. the proceeds went to 4000 smiling scholars. >> an uplifting speech. >> it is time r a check on the traffic situation. >> things running without incident on the beltway this evening with a holiday. no major problems to tell you about. he reread river road. normally we see a back up. today we are running smoothly.
5:37 pm
no problem is to tell you about going north up to frederick. let's move to virginia. 395 hov restrictions being lifte you can see through '95 running down from the pentagon. no problems and no problems on 95 from spring for-- from sprin frederick. >> winter break is usually a chance for students to relax. >> the oscars eye "avatar". ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> it is oscars season. >> the golden clubs are giving us a sneak peek at what films are the favorite. >> you might want to go to the $2 window before this is over. the oscar nominations of arrived two weeks from tomorrow. this weekend's golden globes gives a hint of what is to come. >> you should see your faces. >> money talks in movies which
5:41 pm
no doubt helped "avatar" upset "the hurt locker".' it has the third biggest box office in history. jeff bridges golden globe makes him the front-runner for the oscar. mo'nique won best supporting actress. >> it is now time to tell and it is ok. god bless you and thank you very much. >> denzel washington pulled strong business.
5:42 pm
"the lovely bones" came in third. i would call sandra bullock and "avatar" the oscar favorites. place your bets. i think that is the way it will turn out. you can find out in six weeks. >> thanks. >> next, a medical puzzle has been solved. finding a cure for the common cold. >> local students use power tools instead of going on
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5:46 pm
landscape. they're getting closer to meeting a challenge issued by first lady michelle obama. she said if they reached the goal of completing more than 100,000 hours of community service, she would be there speaker this year. more than 150 studts earned 8000 hours. >> from plastering windows in peru to building a house in new orleans. to the occasional west african dance class. these students are finding lessons outside the classroom. >> a team of students working on a habitat for humanity project in new orleans. much work remains. >> it had not been touched for four and have years. nothing was done. >> during the winter break, more
5:47 pm
than 170 students branched out to various volunteer sites, including atlanta, galveston, and guatemala. the documented their work with cameras. back on campus, they recall the war reception from the people they helped including refugees they moved into new apartments in nashville. >> the time we were able to put a face to the cause. >> volunteerism was already a part of their schedule. now armore are offering their time. >> it is part of people who were not already involved. i know a lot of seniors who had started doing stuff because they wanted michelle obama to speak at their graduation. >> a steed challenge, the students say they will have no problem meeting. >> we will make it. i have no doubt about it. it is 10 hours a person. you can do that in a day. >> the students are not
5:48 pm
stopping. so far, the school has 60,000 service hours and today's effort to earn 1500 more. they have less than 40,000 to go before may 1. >> news chopper 7 live over that incident. trying to free a horse from an 8 foot deep sinkhole. this horse has been trapped for five hours. veterinarians and rescue workers have been brought in with equipment to free the animal. we will keep our in that scene and see what happens. scientists have taken a big step toward finding a cure for the common cold. researchers had mapped the genome. searchers say they are trying to find ways to treat as many different strains of the virus as possible.
5:49 pm
it is a good reason to have children. it may be good for your health. couples with children have lower blood pressure readings than travels couples. my mother would not agree. it does not matter how many children the coupl has. >> an oregon man could wind up $800 in the hole. he was paying his leader when he noticed the one next to him was flashing. he saw the meter maid coming and dropped in the quarter. he found a ticket on the car goes meter he had paid. he went two blocks ahead and paid more expired meters. >> when i pulled up across the walk, she instantly stop doing her job and got on the phone.
5:50 pm
i figured she was calling the police. i stuck around and waited. >> it turns out that he wound up in handcuffs and charged with harassment and obstruction of justice. the police department has no comment. >> he is a good samaritan. how come he is not around when my meter is empty? >> one or two more days, fine weather will continue in january. possibly giving us something to deal with by later thursday and friday. let's talk some numbers. 46 to raise in ashburn. 51 in fredericksburg. calm wind conditions. it will be mainly clear and
5:51 pm
temperatures will continue to drop into the 40's over the next couple hours and into the 30's overnight. a few areas of clouds and heavy overcasts this morning but that has dissipated. we have another cold front that will come in tomorrow. a disturbance will move across eastern sections of quebec province. it will push through a weak cold front b tomorrow evening. no rain or snow. just a few clouds and slightly colder temperatures. once it will have sunshine and thursday and friday, a different story. but will be watching this cold there set up. not enough to give a snowstorm but perhaps cold enough to give us some freezing rain or wintry mix in some areas by friday morning. 40 in the city. and 30's when you wake up. eventually getting up to 50. a bit cooler. the thursday and friday morning, that is the time frame for colder air coming in. we will let you know what to expect.
5:52 pm
back to you. >> we have bad team fatigue. >> the wizards have won four of ten games and they're coming off the most tumultuous weeks but on the bright side, they have one two in a -- won two in a row. he will drive and dish antoine jamison. mike miller was making his presence felt. the finish, that gives the wizards and 90-88 lead. let's go ahead with 45 seconds left. the wizards on the attack. just keep an eye -- hthat is the game winner.
5:53 pm
winning at 97-92. >> without gabriel i feel we have a better defensive field. we have a better ball movement. >> we had the most important part of this last week. >> every crisis is an opportunity. and as a team and as individual players, you have a choice to embrace the opportunity, and -- or you have a chance to let your knuckles dragged on the ground. our guys have shown some more character by embracing it. >> a couple paragraphs away from the headlines was mike miller, offering to pay $100,000 for every three points the wizard to it. they took up the collection. as for the three, mike miller went 1 for 1 and the wizards ward 2 of 8. mike is paying $2,000 to help
5:54 pm
the children and families in this great tragedy. >> i was hoping to shoot me more. i am making more -- the most of it. cut the check. maybe i will do it at the end of the week. >> no more bad team fatigue. the week. >> no more bad team fatigue. >> ithewe will be announcer: the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, so why does the journey from where you are to where you want to be have to go through a classroom? it doesn't. from correspondence courses to online platforms, like the graduate school's gs connect, distance education has always helped people on the go, go further. the courses you need, available on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. great moments begin at the graduate school. learn more. visit...
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>> to the breaking news we have been following in frederick county. a horse has been trapped in a sink hole. what can you tell us? >> we are looking at a 30-year- old horse stuck in a 15-foot sinkhole. i finished talking to the fire chief. he says ey got the call around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. that call came in from the family who owns this horse.
5:58 pm
it has been two and a half hours and they're working now to secure the foundation of that sinkhole. before they can go in and check the condition of the horse and raise it up. at this point, we'll understand the horse is ok. it is resting down on its legs, it is calm. no board or assumption is injur. because there are offers in the area, it is a limestone base. apparently sinkholes are common. securing that ground and making sure that it is secure for the horse but the rescue workers is first and foremost what they're doing. we're doing that right now. we're expecting to and a half hours -- two and a half hours. they are putting a veterinarian
5:59 pm
go in and then lifted up on a harness. we are being kept at a distance but we hope to get more information and better pictures. >> we will wait to hear from you. thanks. at six, as desperation grows deeper in haiti, of violence in the streets escalates. all eyes on massachusetts as a senate race can make or break a senate to reforhealth reform bill. >> six days since the 7.0 earthquake devastated the capital city of haiti. >> up to tutored thousand deaths have occurred. some survivors fight to stay alive. >> we


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